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Shravasti is one of the important site for Buddhist as well as Jain pilgrimage.
Saheth is a cluster of shrines situated in the middle of Sravasti and covers an area of around 32 sq. km.  This was the site of the Jetavana monastery.
                                                          Temple 2
Temple 2 is believed to stand on the spot of the original edifice called Gandhakuti. Built by Ananthapindika, it is one of the most famous edifices in Jetavana, having been hallowed by the personal use of  Buddha.

Sobhanath Temple:
It is believed to be the birthplace of Jain Tirthankar Sambhavnath. It is revered by Jain pilgrims.

                                                        Sobhanath Temple

Double Stupa and Bodhi-tree:

                                                             Bodhi tree
Pakki Kuti:
This is an excavated remains of a stupa. It is identified with the stupa of Angulimala( the murderer with chain of thumbs round his neck who got converted to Buddhism after an encounter with Buddha)

Kachchi Kuti:
It is the most important excavated structure situated in Maheth. It is identified with the stupa of Ananthapindika. It is known as Kachchi Kuti in the view of the fact that a sadhu made temporary shrine of kachchi bricks on the top of this structure.

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