Sunday, July 28, 2013

La Martiniere college

La Martiniere College is an educational institution in Lucknow. It has two schools on different campuses for boys and girls, established in 1845(boys) and 1869(girls).
The Boys' school has been awarded Royal battle honours(only school in the world to have been awarded) for its role in the defence of Lucknow during the first war of Indian Independence,1857.

La Martiniere Boys College was founded by Major-General Claude Martin, an officer in the French and later in the British East India Company. For the first time in history schoolboys were called to assist in the military conflict, for the defence of Lucknow Residency in 1857. The names of six staff members, sixty seven boys and one ensign are inscribed on the 'Roll of Honour, defence of Residency  1857' at La Martiniere Lucknow

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