Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can we stay happy with whatever we have?

Can we stay happy with whatever we have?
Though they sound same need and greed are entirely different.
Need is when you meet the essential. Beyond need is greed.
Often need turns into greed. Once we meet our essentials we crave for more. In the race of fulfilling desires our needs tend to grow bigger and bigger. That is what greed. It has no end.

To be content with whatever we have is Sukha. Desire is never ending. Until you own your desires you are not happy. There is a feeling of 'I would be happy if I accomplish this'. But once that desire is fulfilled you have a bigger desire ahead. In totality desire is the cause of Dukha. We always try to find happiness with materialistic things. That is not true happiness. It is impermanent. Happiness should come from within. Inner happiness is when you have a control over your desires. This is permanent.

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