Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Amidst tight security, we got an opportunity to have darshan in Ram mandir. Except the idols though hardly any structure stands out at the site, one still feels blessed for having darshan. Since no elecronic gadgets are allowed in the campus, could not capture anything. Only in Kanak Bhavan, we could do.

                                                                    Kanak Bhavan

It is believed that Rani Kaikey built this bhavan for Sita and it has been subsequently restored time and again by various kings.
The bhavan also has statues of Lord Ram and Sita in the inner sanctum. Apart from being embellished with gold ornaments, the images also wear gold crowns. Moreover there is a plague written on the outer wall of the temple, which states that there were many palaces on this site since the Treta Yuga.  

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