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The history of Residency dates back to 1774, when Nawab Shujauddhaula agreed to have a British resident stationed in Awadh. It was constructed in the year 1800. Today with its ruins left, it has been declared as the protected monument by ASI.

Bailley Guard Gate

The significance of Residency can be very well corelated to the revolt of 1857. It served as a refuge to over 3000 British inhabitants. Locals say out of 3000 inhabitants only 1000 survived.

                                                          In memory of

Observing details

Beautiful carvings

Banquetting Hall
This hall is said to have been constructed by Nawab Sadat Ali Khan. It was probably the most imposing structure in the whole area with its state apartments and spacious saloons, furnished with costly chandeliers, mirrors and silk diwans. It was used for banquets. 

Broken fountain
This at the main entrance hall exhibits a fine example of inlaid marble work in black and white.
Dr.Fayrer's house
This is named after Dr. Fayrer who was residency surgeon during the seige.

Bullet marks are clearly visible

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