Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009


photo:Quilting with Ganesha as the motif

Quilting is the method of holding various layers of fabrics to retain heat,to keep heat out or to be resistant to various things.It falls into the realm of embroidery in that the layers forming the quilt or padding are held together with stitching.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I just read Moral Basis of VEGETARIANISM by Gandhiji.

He says:
Habits once formed are difficult to shed.There are very few who succeed in getting rid of them.But when the realization comes to man that he is his own bodyguard,and his body has been dedicated to service, he desires to learn the laws of keeping his body in a fit condition and ties hard to follow them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


'Uruli' traditionally used as cooking pot in bronze
has now been used for decorative purpose.
Apart from flower petals,floating candles can also find place
in it.

This one is from our boutique.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colour Psychology

Colours most important functions are to provide visual and psychological information and to generate reaction from a viewer. An artist, can influence viewers response very strongly through the use of colours.

Black: identity imprinted in the human mind,black is most closely associated with the magical mystery of night.Black and white is the most quintessential & classic combination of strength & clarity,power & purity.

Positive: sophistication, power,sexuality,dramatic,elegance.
Negative: Death,emptiness,disapproval, bad luck

Yellow: is associated with splendour and the heat of the sun.It associates sunshine,light and warmth.It is identified with imagination and enlightenment.


Green: Of all the colours of the spectrum, green offers the widest range of choice because of its association with nature & foliage,most people respond to green as refreshing and fresh.

Positive: involvement,growth,inspiring,nature,youth,health,peace,calm.

Brown: It is an ultimate earth colour,associated with down to earth stability and durability.Brown is associated with home substances and stability.

Positive: earth,wood,coffee,chocolate,comfort,security.

Orange:Temperature wise orange is seen as the hottest of all colours.It is invariably associated with autumns,burnished,foliage or radiant shades of sunset,glory and vital.

Negative: danger.

Red:Red is indelibly imprinted on human mind to concept with excitement and high energy.Red is one of the oldest colour names & the first to be seen in a rainbow. It has the greatest emotional impact on all.

Positive: Love,luck,passion,festivity,memorable,compassion,importance.
Negative:war, revolution,anarchy,devil,anger,danger,fire.

Blue: As it is strongly associated with sky & water,blue is perceived as a constant in our life.Blue is seen as reliable,trustworthy,dependable and committed.

Positive: royalty,heaven,aristocracy,coolness,truth,loyalty,security.
Negative:sadness,depression,wintry,low class,indecent.

Purple: It is glorious,yet a complex colour. It is sensual & spiritual, blend of excitement & sexuality of red and tranquility of blue.

Positive: Bravery,aristocracy,spirituality,mystery.

White:Not unexpectedly,white imparts purity and simplicity. It is important to remember that the human eye sees white as a brilliant colour.

Negative: surrender,cowardliness.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our traditional sculpture

My recent visit to Channapatna was a memorable one
which took me a step ahead in the field of art.

Gangarasa Shilpakala Shikshana Kendra,Kengal is
offering a five year degree course in traditional sculpture.These are some of the works of students which captured my eyes.
Some more pics here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The term wraparound refers to a style whereby clothing is fastened by wraping around the body rather than by the use of buttons or other fastenings. It can be used in dresses,skirts or tops.
The wraparound skirt is a 20th-century style which originated with SARONG.The skirt section, made of a rectangular piece of fabric,is wrapped once around the body,the front panel overlapping to fasten at the waist.


photo: wraparound skirt

The wraparound tops were especially popular in the early 1980s as part of the vogue for exercise wear.In general,wraparound garments are popular for casual wear, beach attire, and in ankle length versions for eveningwear.