Friday, July 1, 2011


'Nutrition' the term which had always fascinated me made me opt 'Nutrition for the community' as one of the course subjects sometime back. I would be posting few topics on this which have impressed me, which have made me think, re think on the foods I take, and it's direct/indirect consequences on the overall health.
Let me begin with the very common term 'Malnutrition'.
Malnutrition is an impairment of health resulting from a deficiency, excess or imbalance of nutrients.
In other words, m
alnutrition implies to both undernutrition and overnutrition, not like what it is been commonly thought as only undernutrition.

Undernutrition means a deficiency or lack of one or more nutrients and overnutrition  means excess of one or more nutrients. Both undernutrition and overnutrition result in ill health.