Friday, November 9, 2012

Slow Life

Contrary to the present rapid pace of life and urbanization, slow life focuses on a new level of consciousness and appreciating the things around. Slow life movement was started somewhere in mid-eighties all over the world.

Though many would'nt agree with this concept one can't rule it out completely either at some point.
What a concept to relax the restless bodies and souls! And to lead a natural and simple life!
It encourages people to take time to unwind themselves, spend time with friends and family. It's just an effort to stress free the urban lifestyle, to go back to the countryside and lead a more happier life. Money hardly matters to those who believe in slow life so also the time. They doesn't want to stop the clock nor they believe in time management..
'Much relaxed, cool mind = more productivity' for them.


Anonymous said...

Nice concept.

Nirmalatm said...

Guess I have been living the slow life after coming here to US. :). Believe me I know the pros and cons for slow life.

nanditha tm said...

Nice to hear Nimmi :)