Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day today(14 November)
and this year the theme is ‘Diabetes education and prevention' 

Here are few basic things which everyone should know about Diabetes in Q & A type.
What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces.

Why is November 14th World Diabetes Day?
November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calendar as it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered insulin, Frederick Banting.
Banting discovered insulin in 1922, alongside Charles Best.
World Diabetes Day is internationally recognised and is now an official United Nations Day.

Diabetes and India:

India has become the Diabetes capital having the highest number of diabetic patients in the world(around 51 million people). Currently, up to 11 per cent of India’s urban population and 3 per cent of rural population above the age of 15 have diabetes.

Various studies have shown that the high incidence of diabetes in India is mainly because of sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and consumption of diets rich in fat, sugar and calories

The most prevalent is the Type 2 diabetes, which constitutes 95 per cent of the diabetic population in the country. In this, patients are non-insulin dependent and they can control the glucose in their blood by eating measured diet, taking regular exercise and oral medication. Worldwide, millions of people have Type 2 diabetes without even knowing it and if not diagnosed and treated, it can develop serious complications.
Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent), however, is not preventable. In India, the Chennai-based Diabetes Research Centre says that over 50 per cent cases of diabetes in rural India and about 30 per cent in urban areas go undiagnosed. Globally, diabetes affects 246 million people, which is about 6 per cent of the total adult population. It is the fourth leading cause of death by disease and every 10 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes in the world. Each year, over three million deaths worldwide are tied directly to diabetes and even greater number die from cardiovascular disease. 
How to prevent?
Modification in lifestyle and proper medication can delay and prevent diabetes in high-risk groups. Eating whole grain carbohydrates and moderate exercise and avoiding excessive weight gain could eliminate over eighty per cent of Type-2 diabetes.

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