Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tipu Fort(Bangalore Fort)

In the midst of crowded Bangalore city market, one can notice the calm Tippu Fort standing alone. As such you see the gate closed most of the times.No board/timings mentioning visiting hours.I just happended to visit it yesterday.

I was curious to see what is behind those mighty wooden gate.The description outside says Tipu Sultan's fort was constructed by Kempe Gowda in 1537. Tipu Sultan himself expanded it later. Tipu's Fort now stands as a silent testimony of the battles that he fought against the British regime. It was during the battle between East India Company and Hyder Ali - the father of Tipu Sultan, when Hyder imprisoned David Baird along with a number of British army officers in this fort.

I could capture only few pics from mobile.So picture quality may not be that great. Yet to visit Tipu Palace.


niveditha said...

Pictures are good from your new mobile.I had thought you would spend the whole day relaxing after that hectic time.

nanditha tm said...

it was not on the last day, so i had to prepare for it. I shall visit again soon :)

Nirmalatm said...

It looks so clean and neat. Never knew something like this exist in that area.

nanditha tm said...

Yes...its neat. Visit whenever you get time.