Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Few fashion terms

Toiles: Garments of muslin or linen, the first step in the development of a design idea,after a couturier's original sketch.

Avant garde: A popular term applied to the most innovative and original concepts in any art form,fashion design,art, architecture,dance,music,etc.

Haute couture: Top designs of custom-made clothes. Term originally applied to top designs in France,high class tailoring evolving in 15th century.Clothes are made by hand,individually to measurements.

Pret-a-porter: Readymade clothing designed for industrial production and not tailored to individual measurements,yet not mass produced like off the rack clothing.

High fashion: Derived from the French haute couture, generally high priced, innovative creations by well known designers or design houses for trendy,fashion conscious customers.

Knock off: A common practice among manufacturers where one copies another, usually to produce less expensive goods.

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