Saturday, August 15, 2009


Our National song composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee,
appears in the Bengali novel Anand Math.
The English traslation of Vande Mataram rendered by
Shri Aurobindo,is considered to be the "official" and best.
The first stanza of this song has
been given the status of our national song.

Bankim Chandra

Here is the song:
Vande Mataram,Vande Mataram

Malayaj Shitalam.
Sashya Shyamal
am Mataram,
Vande Mataram.

Phullakusumita Drumadala Shobinim,

Suhasinim,Sumadhura, Bhashisim,


Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram!

Its English version:
I bow to thee,Mother,
richly-watered, richly-fruited,

cool with the winds of the south,

dark with the crops of the harvests,

The Mother!

Her nights rejoicing in theGlory of the moonlight
Her lands clothed beautifully with her trees in flowering bloom,

Sweet of laughter,sweet of speech,
The mother,to thee,I bow.

Happy Independence day all....

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