Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colour Psychology

Colours most important functions are to provide visual and psychological information and to generate reaction from a viewer. An artist, can influence viewers response very strongly through the use of colours.

Black: identity imprinted in the human mind,black is most closely associated with the magical mystery of night.Black and white is the most quintessential & classic combination of strength & clarity,power & purity.

Positive: sophistication, power,sexuality,dramatic,elegance.
Negative: Death,emptiness,disapproval, bad luck

Yellow: is associated with splendour and the heat of the sun.It associates sunshine,light and warmth.It is identified with imagination and enlightenment.


Green: Of all the colours of the spectrum, green offers the widest range of choice because of its association with nature & foliage,most people respond to green as refreshing and fresh.

Positive: involvement,growth,inspiring,nature,youth,health,peace,calm.

Brown: It is an ultimate earth colour,associated with down to earth stability and durability.Brown is associated with home substances and stability.

Positive: earth,wood,coffee,chocolate,comfort,security.

Orange:Temperature wise orange is seen as the hottest of all colours.It is invariably associated with autumns,burnished,foliage or radiant shades of sunset,glory and vital.

Negative: danger.

Red:Red is indelibly imprinted on human mind to concept with excitement and high energy.Red is one of the oldest colour names & the first to be seen in a rainbow. It has the greatest emotional impact on all.

Positive: Love,luck,passion,festivity,memorable,compassion,importance.
Negative:war, revolution,anarchy,devil,anger,danger,fire.

Blue: As it is strongly associated with sky & water,blue is perceived as a constant in our life.Blue is seen as reliable,trustworthy,dependable and committed.

Positive: royalty,heaven,aristocracy,coolness,truth,loyalty,security.
Negative:sadness,depression,wintry,low class,indecent.

Purple: It is glorious,yet a complex colour. It is sensual & spiritual, blend of excitement & sexuality of red and tranquility of blue.

Positive: Bravery,aristocracy,spirituality,mystery.

White:Not unexpectedly,white imparts purity and simplicity. It is important to remember that the human eye sees white as a brilliant colour.

Negative: surrender,cowardliness.


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